12 Universal Laws of Social Media Creation

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I've Built An Audience of:

  • 330,000+ followers on Instagram
  • 210,000+ followers on Twitter
  • 70,000+ followers on Tiktok

Now I want to share with you the universal lessons of building an audience that you can apply to grow on any social media platform.

What Will You Get?

  • 12 Valuable lessons about content creation that you can apply to grow your following on any social media platform
  • 15+ FREE resources about social media growth to learn how to grow your following on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and other social media platforms.
  • 30+ Actionable exercises you can apply to grow your audience

And much more... 

Table of Contents

  • Law 1: Repackage & Repurpose Your Content 
  • Law 2: Capture Creativity Before It Cools Off 
  • Law 3: Study & Leverage the Superstars 
  • Law 4: Hop on Trends to Get Trending 
  • Law 5: Turn FAQs Into NCIs 
  • Law 6: Steal Like an Artist 
  • Law 7: Re-release Your Greatest Hits 
  • Law 8: It’s Called Social for a Reason 
  • Law 9: The Right & Wrong Way to Buy Followers 
  • Law 10: Analyze Your Analytics 
  • Law 11: Collaborate & Conquer 
  • Law 12: Diversify or Risk Dying 
  • Book Summary
  • Bonus 1: 5 Creator Secrets of Social Media
  • Bonus 2: 5 Cardinal Sins of Social Media
  • Bonus 3: Free Resources to Help You Grow on Social Media

Book-length: 91 pages

This Book Is For You If

✅  You aspire to become a full-time content creator.

✅  You want to learn how to create more content in less time.

✅  You want to grow an audience on multiple social media platforms for your personal or company brand.

This Book Is Not For You If

❌  You're looking to gain tens of thousands of followers overnight.

❌  You're looking for hacks that require no effort to grow your following.

❌  You're brand new to social media and aren't on any social media platforms.

About The Author

Hi there, I'm Alex Wieckowski but you probably know me better as Alex & Books. For the past 4+ years, I've been creating content on multiple platforms and built a following of 500,000+. 

Here are some stats: Instagram (330,000+ followers), Twitter (210,000+ followers), Tiktok (70,000+ followers), Newsletter (18,000+ followers), and YouTube (9,000+ followers).

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12 Universal Laws of Social Media Creation

15 ratings
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